How Matrimony Sites Are Different Than Dating Sites?

Indians may be used to using online matrimonial portals to find a spouse or groom. People increasingly use dating applications to adapt to new methods.

More individuals are leaving India in quest of better jobs and lifestyles. Singles are seeking relationships outside of rules and customs.

Our parents were the key decision-makers for us during the era of arranged marriage in Indian culture. Caste, gothra, religion, family history, education, etc. determined marriages. For this purpose, they employed matrimonial websites, and times were good!

Now, teens make their own choices.

Youth’s self-confidence in their experience and viewpoint has grown as they take charge of their jobs and achieve economic independence.  Slowly, the conventional technique of finding a life partner has transformed into the current approach.

The ask from a partner has also moved from being the revered other to being the partner in crime, someone who will help your search for humor and provide delightful times. During all this, matrimonial sites became less common among individuals.

Matrimonial sites are parent-oriented

Matrimonial sites target parents seeking a match for their children. They make looking for a life partner a transactional process, where you evaluate someone based on age, gender, weight, complexion, nationality, picture availability, and frequently caste, religion, and geographic region.

It reduces humans and a human process to specifications as when buying a new phone, rather than seeking to marry someone.

Online dating is a personal introducing system where individuals may seek and contact through the internet or phone to organize a date, generally to build love or sexual connection. Dating apps may be silly “hot or not” events that don’t promote sincerity or devotion.

Matchmaking applications match users based on hobbies, education, job, lifestyle, etc. The matching app bridges the gap between matrimonial sites and dating applications.

There’s a large underserved sector of app users who want to meet someone for their next major step. In a culturally complex nation like India, meeting that special someone is challenging.

Since dating apps entered the market more than four years ago, only conventional matrimonial services have survived, proving that young Indians are less willing to violate traditional marital norms.

Revenue Sources

Matrimonial sites like,, and continue to dominate the industry as online dating platforms try to boost sales and attract investors.

A dating app generates income when users pay for more profiles, messages, handpicked emojis, and phone calls. Matrimonial websites give the potential to locate a life partner, making them more popular.

In the end, we have a matrimonial site, professionally made for the parents, and westward imports of internet searching platforms that swiftly turn into a mosh hole of males with an ‘everything goes’ attitude.

Take Away

MatchFinder matrimonial service was created to help contemporary professionals connect and engage. Matrimonial sites are based on happy, genuine contacts and relationships, not artificial societal criteria.

In this period, old and new members are swiftly joining. This gives the user additional options for connecting with others. In a few years, matrimonial sites will be the primary stop for young Indians seeking marriage.


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